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By Douglas Goldstein and Gregg Masters, MPH Is AI (artificial or “augmented”) intelligence just another buzzword in a sea of healthcare related acronyms to be tracked in the ‘hype cycle’ popularized by Gartner?  Or is it a viable big data set, clinically relevant, deep machine learning, predictive analytics enabler of […]

Harnessing the Power of AI to Achieve the Triple Aim ...

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH and Douglas Goldstein The unsustainable trajectory of the U.S. healthcare spend, including decades of variably labeled and marginally effective government and private sector efforts to restrain its apparently insatiable appetite is no surprise to many of us who’ve been in the policy and execution dance over […]

Precision Medicine and the Pursuit and Promise of a Sustainable ...

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH Favorable brand recognition via audio ‘signatures‘ coupled with catchy video and bite sized tag-line narrative is the marketeer’s holy grail. Many try, though few achieve this ‘mindshare‘ associated brand fusion, let alone corporate, enterprise or organizational goodwill standing. Yet how many of us do not […]

SAP Enters the Precision Medicine Space

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH At the 34th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (see: ‘If it’s January it’s the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference‘ (including free registration to available presenting company webcasts and slide decks) a panel on the Cancer Moonshot 2020 was convened by Moderator: Tycho Peterson, Managing Director, Equity Research Analyst, Life Science […]

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference : Cancer Moonshot 2020

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH I was recently invited by SAP corporate affairs social media leadership to participate in and report on the SAP Personalized Medicine Symposium hosted at the SAP Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California. Two Stanford faculty members, Carlos Bustamante, PhD, Professor of Genetics, Inaugural Chair of […]

The Future is Bright for ‘Computational Biology’ via @StanfordMed Prof ...